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On March 3, 2024, Gotong-royong Program took place at the Raudhatul Sakinah Cemetery in Kuching (formerly known as the Samariang Cemetery). The program was attended by local communities and staff from Lembaga Amanah Kebajikan Masjid Negeri Sarawak (LAKMNS). Also present were the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of LAKMNS, Mr. Mohamad Feisal bin Said, the Chief Officer of the Mosque Management Department of LAKMNS, Mr. Abang Bikusary bin Hj Kadir, as well as senior officers of LAKMNS.


This program is an annual event organized by LAKMNS in preparation for the upcoming month of Ramadan. A similar program will also be held at the City Mosque Cemetery in Kuching on March 9, 2024.


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