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Department of Administration and ManagementLEMBAGA AMANAH KEBAJIKAN MASJID NEGERI SARAWAK

Administration and Management Division of LAKMNS is the Division that controls all the operations and management of LAKMNS, especially in the administration, corporate affairs and LAKMNS relationships with external parties. Among the units under the supervision of the Administration Division are as follows:

  • Publication Unit,
  • Public Relations Unit,
  • Semariang Islamic Cemetery Administration and Management Unit

Each unit under the supervision of the Division of Administration has the role and functions of each to help improve the productivity and effectiveness of the services provided by LAKMNS.

Functions and Roles of the ADMINISTRATION DIVISION

Implement LAKMNS policies and plans efficiently and effectively,

Managing the governance of all divisions and units,

Implementing and managing the activities / programs organized by LAKMNS.


    The LAKMNS Publication Unit is established and responsible:

    • Publish the Buletin Mimbar 4 times a year,
    • Take pictures of all the activities and programs organized by LAKMNS,
    • Collect and print pictures involving LAKMNS programs.


    To become an Info Center and a Medium of Communication in the Distribution of Information Contents to the Public.


    • Ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date dissemination of information to our readers.
    • Serves as a Center for Articles, Videos and Pictures Related to LAKMNS Organized Programs.
    • Able to Produce Quality Print Materials for Reference and Learning Materials.
    • Role as a Medium Reflects the Image of the Board Through Publicity and Publicity.

    The Psychology and Counseling Unit (UPKL) is a new unit under the LAKMNS Administration and Management Sector which was formally established in November 2018.

    The establishment of the Psychology and Counseling Unit is one of the initiatives of the LAKMNS management to promote well-being and to develop human capital among LAKMNS staff through a psychological and counseling approach.


    Semariang Cemetery Administration and Management Unit is a unit established to enforce the laws pertaining to Islamic law in Semariang Cemetery to comprehend the aspirations of LAKMNS in accordance with the fatwa from the Mufti Office to improve efficiency and effectiveness in delivering services to the public.


    • Provides equipment to facilitate the burial process for the benefit of the public.
    • Plans to improve all facilities and infrastructure available at Semariang Cemetery from time to time for the convenience of the public.
    • Plans to improve all facilities and infrastructure available at Semariang Cemetery from time to time for the convenience of the public.

    Provides a digital platform via website : to help locate the graves in Semariang cemetery.


Medan Raya, Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Phone: +6082440775, 440795, 449042
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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