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The "Saturday: Let's Pray" Program was held today at the Sarawak State Jamek Mosque by the Education Division of the Lembaga Amanah Kebajikan Masjid Negeri Sarawak (LAKMNS). The programme had 70 participants ranging in age from 7 to 17 years.



The goal of this programme is to raise awareness about the importance of prayer and worship, as well as to teach the pillars of prayer. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to correct their prayer recitation and learn the proper and perfect ablution procedure.

The theory and practise of prayer and ablution are among the activities that take place throughout the programme, which concludes with Zohor prayer. Ustaz Kassim bin Zainuddin and Ustaz Zakaria bin Abdullah, Masja-Sa Center of Excellence Al Quran Teachers, led the programme.


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